I feel like such a bad, bad girl :(… We haven’t posted ANYthing in over a year! Shame..SHAAAME I know, I know! SAH-WEE, we just got so crazy busy with everything and then some. We have been busy caking away for the last year that’s for sure (you can always get updates at our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and PLEASE LIKE US if you haven’t already ;-), but there were soooo many coding issues with the new site that it just HAD to get redone finally.

In the meantime, here are two of our recent fun 3D sculpted novelty cakes:

We just got our new customized website up and running so you can check it out and give us your awesome feedback foh-sho. We’re still working on the glitches and getting new galleries and social media buttons up, but it should be completely finished (YAY) within the next two weeks or so.

This has been an amazing year so far! We’ve been able to meet some pretty awesome new clients (thank to YOU), plan some pretty darn amazing new cakes that we’re super excited about, and even win a cupcake competition so far :-P! Our new “Cookies and Cream Milkshake Cupcakes” won the 2012 Colorado Chooclate Festival for “Best Cupcake of 2012 for Taste, Texture & Design.”

Here’s a pic:

So, we’re recommitting to blogging just for all YOU awesome fans out there that keep us baking, designing, sculpting,delivering and repeat! Right now we are up late working to finish some 3D cakes. Stay tuned as we have a 3D T-Rex Dinosaur Head Cake coming soon to a kitchen table near YOU!

Laters Cakers 😛