Well Hello Everyone!

I am excited to be here in Colorado after 9 years in Savannah, Georgia. My husband and I have always wanted to settle here and we are thrilled to be able to walk outside and see the Rocky Mountains every single day! Colorado is just stunning! More so, I am so excited about starting Denver Designer Cakes after practicing my cake art and running a cake business in Savannah for almost 5 years.

I love making intricate cake art and I aim to please you both in design and in taste. My cakes are made completely from scratch using all natural ingredients and I bet you will probably even like my white chocolate rolled fondant as well. I know is sure tastes better than a lot of the fondant out there, and better yet, it’s COMPLETELY natural with real vanilla and real white chocolate. You can’t beat that!

Please check out my website and send me an inquiry if you’re interested in ordering a custom cake.

Until next time,

Jenn 🙂