Here are a few recent cakes…. I created a small buttercream cake with
some simple Luau elements for Kim’s home wedding. The bottom was banana cake with berry cream cheese filling and the top was coconut cake with lime buttercream filling.

Also, here is a cake I created for Jennifer, who was graduating with her PhD in Education from The University of Denver last week. I got a nice email from her telling me how everyone loved the cake. It was coconut cake with fresh lime curd filling (our lime curd is SOOOO yummy). I sugared the limes and put them in the middle. It’s covered in coconut buttercream with fresh coconut shavings impacted on the sides.

The event was outside at The Boathouse in Washington Park (a beautiful area by the by) and it just happened to be quite literally PERFECT weather (not too hot with a breeze), so you know I was happy that I knew the cake would hold up, lol! It was planned by Michelle at and she did a fantastic job.

Thanks again and here’s the cake…..